Consumers relate to health and hygiene products emotionally

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January 11, 2022, 2:38 AM GMT+0

MBLM’s recent Brand Intimacy COVID study analysed brands based on their sentimental connections to consumers amid the pandemic.

Colgate, Pantene, Listerine, Ivory, Purell, Scope, and Head & Shoulders were among the top ten brands in the health and hygiene category, as sales for the industry trended upwards. However, consumers associated more with brands like Dove, Olay, Lysol the most, as consumer bond for these brands was the highest.

Over 40% of customers say that they have a strong emotional connection with health and hygiene brands. Moreover, sales of health and hygiene products performed better among women, than men.

In addition, the performance of health and hygiene products among consumers over 35 was better. Further, consumers (27%) say that they are “willing to pay 20%” more for health and hygiene products. 48% of consumers “can’t live without” health and hygiene products.

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