AI, design, and electronics can power sustainable initiatives

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January 12, 2022, 2:19 AM GMT+0

A poll of 200 engineers, product designers, sustainability leaders, and corporate executives revealed that sustainability directly influences product development.

The report highlights how product development professionals prioritise sustainability and address the challenges that come along with it. Over the last two years, nearly 90% of respondents indicated significant corporate changes resulted in the integration of sustainability into product design and development.

In addition, almost 70% stated they have been associated with sustainability for more than six years, and their general attitude toward sustainability is “lukewarm.” Employees agree their company's sustainability activities make them proud, but that those initiatives are frequently driven by legislation and overshadowed by financial considerations.

The top design practises implemented to bolster sustainability includes AI, design for sustainability (DFS), and integration of electronics, according to 68%. Impending sustainability initiatives include corporate social responsibility, closed-loop product development, and additive manufacturing.

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