American consumers will spend more on companies that have a personal brand behind them

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January 12, 2022, 8:49 AM GMT+0

Brand Builders Group's latest study found that American millennials and Gen Z place a very high emphasis on personal branding in determining what they buy and who they listen to. 

Around 67% of all American consumers said they would be willing to spend more on products and services from the companies of founders whose personal brand aligns with their personal values. When asked, "What do you consider a personal brand?" most Americans said they identified as a personal brand as an individual who is well-known, a content creator, or a professional service provider.

Nearly three-fourths of US consumers are more likely to trust someone who has an established personal brand. Among all age groups, millennials and Gen Z consumers place very high importance on personal branding while making a purchase decision. For instance, 76% of older millennials (born 1977-1986) are more likely to buy from someone who has an established personal brand, while only 33% of Boomers responded the same.

The study found that personal branding can go a long way and influence consumers to make a purchase and recommend the product to others. Most Americans said they would buy from, recommend and do business with an individual who has an established personal brand. Additionally, consumers believe professionals like doctors, employers, lawyers, financial advisors, bankers, business consultants, success or life coaches, and insurance agents should have an established personal brand.

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