Attention metrics offer transparent media value and boost ROI

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January 12, 2022, 1:02 PM GMT+0

Since ad placements impact advertising outcomes, advertisers must adopt attention metrics to calculate the value of their media efforts.

Identifying the right metrics that can be incentivised and are aligned with the larger interests of the business remains challenging, particularly in digital media. While metrics like viewability and video completion rates provide clear incentives and predictable outcomes, they are easily gamified.

Predictability solutions with limitless video completions and viewable impressions enable publishers to manipulate quality measures. Moreover, premium publishers prioritising user experience risk losing revenue to publishers willing to place a slew of display ads and tiny video players on their sites.

Implementing attention metrics to quantify media quality signals and their contribution to the business, can help advertisers avoid investing in incentive metrics. Also, attention metrics help identify domains, formats, and placements of the highest value.

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