Monitor and evaluate website performance metrics to boost conversions

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January 13, 2022, 12:07 PM GMT+0

Tracking performance metrics helps align marketing campaigns with a brand’s overall goals.

Companies looking to improve and understand their website's performance should start by identifying the metrics that have the most impact on their business. Track keywords using tools like Google Analytics to monitor metrics that affect the site’s search performance and boosts conversions.

Identify problems with the content strategy, keywords ranked, traffic sources, paid ad sources, and more by tracking performance metrics. Metrics like website speed, time to title, number of assets, bounce rates, CTRs, lead generation, and more help quantify and optimise the site’s performance.

Assessing website metrics offers a clear picture of the company's online user behaviours and helps measure the site’s overall performance. This can help brands optimise functions like loading speed, as well as create a user-friendly website to boost traffic.

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