TV cameras, safety and security, metaverse were trending topics at CES 2022

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January 13, 2022, 2:36 AM GMT+0

The CES 2022 offered fascinating insights into the future of digital innovation and marketing prospects.

As video calls became imperative for remote workers in 2022, many television manufacturers unveiled TVs with cameras built into the operating system at the event. Sony put its Bravia webcams into several of its high-end 2022 TV models, allowing consumers to adjust TV settings based on seating position.

On its latest TVs, LG has enabled telehealth services on existing cameras. This trend has the potential to make living room screens contextually aware, allowing advertisers to experiment with dynamic creatives and interactive content through connected TVs. Additionally, safety and security-related products were prevalent at the expo, as brands offered “peace of mind” as a key selling point.

The domain of safety and security was prevalent across categories, including smart homes, and automobiles. Several vehicle makers included dashboard screens for future autonomous driving. In addition, the metaverse concept was observed across sectors, including Samsung's home decor design platform and Transmira's mixed-realty platform. However, because many metaverse products were still in the early stages of development, the concept of metaverse was fragmented across companies.

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