B2B marketers need change management to boost marketing in 2022

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January 14, 2022, 6:23 AM GMT+0

In the new year, the focus will be on data intelligence from AI, user-led growth like deep personas, SEO and reviews.

As B2B businesses invest in new marketing strategies and technology and 2022, CMOs would do well to account for the following B2B trends in their campaigns to augment growth. B2B marketers must implement change management to account for changes within the marketing organisation, consumer-facing teams, and leadership changes.

Trying to extend customer relationships to account-based marketing prospects, including renewals, expansions, and more, will help B2B marketers retain their most critical clients. More brands are likely to become mindful of marketing efforts and investments in the environment. Leveraging psychographic data like values, growth possibilities, risks, and more can help marketers target ideal consumer profiles (ICPs) in the target market.

More community and brand investments would aid B2B marketers in optimising marketing for extended sales cycles. A similar focus on the quality and impact of marketing is critical to change stakeholders' perceptions. CMOs must define marketing's core value and build a culture among their team that conveys professionalism, engages, and protects stakeholders interests.

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