Competitive analysis and internal reviews can drive growth marketing efforts

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January 17, 2022, 3:12 AM GMT+0

Track internal and external brand metrics to implement growth marketing strategies.

A growth marketing strategy leverages data to obtain leads and foster customer relationships. Growth marketing helps serve consumers and encourages them to become brand advocates. Subscribe to competitors’ emailing lists and examine blogs and reviews via social listening to build an effective growth marketing plan.

Run a competitive analysis of competitors’ strategies, consumer sentiments, and pain points. To acquire valuable data about their company's marketing strategy, marketers must assess online reviews, perform Net Promoter Score surveys, and search for brand mentions on digital forums like Better Business Bureau.

Businesses looking to implement long-term growth marketing tactics should test their methods on a smaller scale, before implementing a company-wide transformation. Brands can promote growth marketing by collaborating with other firms with similar audiences through events like sponsorships, seminars, and more.

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