Improve marketing accuracy using data obtained through AI influencers

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January 17, 2022, 3:53 AM GMT+0

AI-powered influencers can offer brands more control over their promotional content and enhance social media marketing efforts.

As more consumers use platforms like Twitter, Instagram to inform their purchase decisions, AI-powered influencers could help brands promote their products and services. Despite being comparatively new to conventional influencers, some brands have already begun incorporating AI influencers into their marketing mix.

Marketers can use AI platforms to gather data, inform strategic decisions, discover trends, and pick influencers aligned with their needs. Also, businesses can automate search and analytics using virtual influencers to glean transparent and reliable data on customer response and behaviour towards certain products and posts.

Moreover, as more consumers gravitate towards reviews and brand promotions on social media, using AI influencers can help brands entice prospects more effectively. Integrating AI influencers can boost speed and precision in marketing campaigns.

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