Leverage branded hashtags on social to support employee advocacy

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January 17, 2022, 1:21 AM GMT+0

Set clear goals and policies, as well as train and reward employees to develop successful employee advocacy program.

Empowering employees to engage in the brand's social media marketing allows them to become social advocates for their company. Employee advocacy programs let employees promote their companies, to increase brand awareness, employee engagement, and revenue.

Invest in content marketing campaigns to produce quality blogs, articles, and other resources, as well as encourage the staff to share the brand’s content on their social profiles. Create social content, including the employees, to prompt them to promote the brand on their social networks.

Craft branded hashtags to showcase the company’s culture and stories and encourage the staff to use them on brand posts. Allowing select personnel to manage the business's social media pages may help expand the reach and inspire more employees to become brand advocates.

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