Present robust evidence about the effectiveness of brand purpose: IPA

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January 17, 2022, 4:50 AM GMT+0

The latest report from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising highlights five steps that purpose-oriented marketers can take to enhance their brand purpose discussions.

According to the report, brands should invest in capturing and evaluating the full potential impact of the brand purpose activities on all relevant measures, especially on non-financial outcomes. They should ask themselves what part of the outcomes were driven by the purpose itself and what were due to how the purpose was translated into initiatives and creative messaging.

Purpose-oriented marketers should make efforts to prove which, if any, elements of purpose are long-term. At the same time, brands should also emphasise the new learnings about the purpose. Additionally, brands must first choose whether they want to only commit to a brand without talking about it or incorporate it in their advertising.

IPA’s director of marketing strategy, Janet Hull said, “It is our view that the biggest challenge for purpose-oriented marketers today lies in isolating and quantifying the specific impact purpose makes on outcomes from that attributable to other brand activities.” Hull added that purpose-oriented marketers must account for the contribution of purpose more convincingly to win over their critics.

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