Diversify content formats, expand content topics to boost search ranking

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January 18, 2022, 3:39 AM GMT+0

Experiment with different content types and include topics related to the main focus of the subject to target wider audiences.

Instead of producing only text content, marketers should consider experimenting with a variety of content, ranging from infographics and social posts to TikTok videos and long-form tutorials to engage target audiences. Along with keeping prospects invested, video, audio and graphical content can also help brands earn valuable backlinks.

Similarly, brands must also identify their audience’s search intent to provide relevant content. Google highlights phrases and sentences on a webpage that may be useful for a user, even if the user’s query is not central to the content.

This indicates that brands must expand on the information they provide, by including other relevant and adjacent topics. In addition to more topics, marketers can include high-value, genuine backlinks to establish authority over a subject. At the same time, brands should optimise their websites for both desktop and mobile devices.

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