Support digital efforts with greeting cards to entice millennial consumers

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January 18, 2022, 2:30 AM GMT+0

These greeting cards could include QR codes to blend traditional and direct marketing.

Millennials have a fondness for traditional communication, as the cohort spends more on greeting cards than any other generation. Coupling offline efforts with digital practices can help marketers cut through the noise, as well as foster relationships with consumers, particularly millennials.

Brands must send personalised direct mails for birthdays, end-of-year holidays and more. Because millennials are so receptive to direct mail, using greeting cards in marketing can help companies grow.

Use greeting cards to reflect a brand's personality and to craft resonant marketing messages to help consumers develop emotional ties with the brand. Businesses can build trust and differentiate themselves by using an authentic and genuine customer-centric approach. Redirect millennial consumers to a website or survey to measure the impact of direct mail.

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