47% of publishers expect their commerce revenue to grow in 2022

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January 19, 2022, 5:53 PM GMT+0

Digiday surveyed publishing professionals across big and small publishing houses with annual revenues ranging between under $10 million and $49.9 million.

According to the survey, most publishers are optimistic about the new year. Around three-quarters of publishers agreed their ad revenues would grow in 2022.

Around 83% of publishers with emerging subscription businesses expect ad revenue growth this year. Even among publishers that do not rely on consumer revenue, 85% agree that ad revenue growth is on the cards.

The study further found that more publishers are confident about their individual prospects than they are about the media industry as a whole. While more than 40% of publishers strongly agreed that they are optimistic about their company’s prospects for 2022, only 20% felt the same about the media industry as a whole.

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