Review recency is an important factor for US consumers in buying new products

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January 19, 2022, 10:45 AM GMT+0

PowerReviews’ survey of 9,012 Americans aged 18-74 found that consumers (64%) are more likely to buy products with fewer but more recent reviews.

According to the report, while 70% of US consumers read between one to 25 customer product reviews, 44% of consumers seek reviews posted within the last month. 38% wouldn't make a purchase based only on reviews older than 90 days.

When purchasing a new product or a brand, 86% emphasised the value of recent reviews. Of those polled, 61% of consumers consider recency of reviews “very important”, while 36% said it is “somewhat important.”

Also, 79% take into account the volume of reviews “always” or “regularly.” Gen Z (92%) are less likely to make a new product purchase with no reviews. 70% of customers believe that recent reviews are a reliable marker of a product's quality.

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