Global email marketing will grow by more than $10 billion by 2027: Statista

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January 20, 2022, 4:00 PM GMT+0

This piece is based on an infographic by Red Website Design, which outlines trends that email marketers should consider in 2022.

Though social media posts seem to be an appealing and trending way of reaching audiences, email marketing is still valuable and relevant. There is, however, a need to innovate - like introducing elements that cross over into other formats. For instance, marketers can send a basic 2D image in an email that can expand into a 3D AR object when users click on it.

Instead of restricting the digital presence to one or two channels, brands should interact with leads via omnichannel campaigns. In contrast to basic multichannel strategies, omnichannel marketing campaigns can help constantly update and adjust messaging on all platforms in response to each user’s activity.

The infographic suggests that email marketers should pay more importance to user-generated content this year as American teenagers consume more UGC than traditional media. UGC can not help brands integrate different perspectives and spice up brand emails but also show subscribers that the business is interested in customer satisfaction. Embedding multimedia elements like videos and images can also help brand emails stand out.

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