Keep homepage content clear, concise and original to improve UX for visitors

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January 20, 2022, 12:31 PM GMT+0

Descriptive CTAs, original images and an easily noticeable search field helps with easy webpage navigation.

The introduction should make the brand’s purpose and value proposition clear, without using vague language or jargon. Along with talking about the brand, the introduction must also mention the user pain points and motivations.

Use Google Analytics, analyse search intent and rely on competitive analysis to understand why users visit the site. Such insights will help marketers feature information site visitors need first at the top of the webpage.

Websites must use descriptive CTAs that accurately describe what users can find after interacting with the link. Avoid stock images and use original content that features real people to establish authenticity. Finally, display the search box on every website page and ensure it is easily noticeable for users.

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