Marketers are putting more money in less trusted communication channels

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January 20, 2022, 3:10 AM GMT+0

Instead of making assumptions, brands need to identify which platforms and channels customers prefer.

Brand sponsorships are one of the most trusted advertising sources for global consumers. Yet, marketers do not readily adopt formats like sponsorships and product placements. Similarly, customers trust traditional channels like TV and radio more than digital channels. Marketers, however, believe digital channels are efficient for their businesses.

Rather than making such disjointed assumptions and decisions, brands must learn to understand their audiences and choose the customer's trusted channels. By doing so, marketers can engage customers better and build long-term relationships.

Further, marketers need to study the chosen channel's ability to meet their stated goals like brand awareness, customer acquisition or customer retention. They must measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts on those channels and determine if they have the potential for the brand to achieve long-term growth.

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