Brands must use automation to gather and analyse data for UX personalisation

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January 21, 2022, 1:22 AM GMT+0

Through automation, brands can personalise the website for each visitor, which can help increase sales conversions.  

With customer data in hand, brands will be able to inform their marketing efforts, personalise their website and boost conversions. Brands can use data like customers’ browsing history and past interactions to offer personalised product recommendations. A study found that 92% of shoppers feel more influenced to buy products when targeted with personalised recommendations.

AI-enabled tools can help businesses gather customer data from various touchpoints to offer seamless UX across mobile and computer devices. Along with offering chatbots and virtual assistants, brands can rely on sales automation to accelerate overall operations and processes. By doing so, sales and marketing teams will find themselves with more time to devote to the core of their business.

Sales automation tools can also help ecommerce brands stay connected with customers – a crucial factor for boosting sales, increasing repeat purchases and improving customer lifetime value. With the further help of big data, companies can tweak their marketing strategy based on evolving customer trends and insights.

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