Ensure transparency when it comes to prioritising diversity, equity and inclusion

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January 21, 2022, 8:27 AM GMT+0

To be relevant among customers, brands should continue evolving, re-evaluating their standards of practice and encourage necessary conversations around DEI.

By paying more attention to DEI efforts, brands would be better able to inform their business growth and sustainability strategies. These efforts would also help businesses stay relevant in an ever-changing society. To be intentional about inclusion, brands must prioritise engaging marginalised sections of the population, such as groups with different abilities, body types, incomes, and political leanings.

To portray authenticity about DEI efforts, brands should make sure their financial investments reflect their DEI intentions. While communicating to customers, brands should also be mindful of their language. They should use terms and phrases that remind customers about the brand’s commitment to inclusion but are not polarising.

Businesses should also avoid sitting on the side-lines and staying quiet about DEI issues. They should note that brands are being held accountable when it comes to creating a culture of belonging, both, for internal and external audiences. In the age of accountability, business must be proactive and prepared to disclose about their DEI progress with results and strategies.

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