Advertisers should make inclusion a core part of their business strategy

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January 24, 2022, 4:58 AM GMT+0

In 2022, brands must make inclusion a business imperative, a part of every conversation from identifying target audiences to writing media plans.

To create campaigns that fairly represent populations across race, gender, physical ability, and other demographics, organisations need to make inclusion a business imperative. Otherwise, the commitment to inclusivity may not be wholly integrated into daily processes, goals and expectations.

Similarly, diversity, equity and inclusion must be ensured at every layer of the production process from the language of the script and choice of music to the clothing worn and person behind the camera. Even when hiring new employees, organisation must revaluate job requirements to ensure diversity in the organisation.

Businesses can also use AI-powered tools and technologies to eliminate bias in advertising. These tools can help brands examine campaign data, and make sure that people are being portrayed fairly and accurately.

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