Brands can consider podcast advertising to navigate the cookie exit

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January 24, 2022, 4:47 AM GMT+0

With third-party cookies set to make an exit, advertisers can explore audio and podcast advertising options to effectively target their prospects.

A study found that consumers’ long-term retention of audio advertisements is 36-39% stronger when compared to video ads. Apart from the fact that audio ads have a high retention rate, podcast advertising is not dependent on third-party cookies. In fact, podcasting is built on long-standing and open standards for technology like RSS that does not use third-party cookies.

Additionally, cookies cannot be activated when consumers listen to podcasts on most listening apps and platforms. Podcast advertising also focuses more on understanding audiences, contextually matching ads, content and audiences, along with aligning ads to listener interests.

To make the best of podcast advertising, brands must prioritise audience segmentation and in-depth content analysis. Similarly, marketers also should ensure their ads flow naturally with the original content of the podcast.

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