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January 24, 2022, 5:34 AM GMT+0

When creating content previews for social media, marketers can include FOMO components, add a humorous yet relevant picture to attract user attention.

To hook social media scrollers to pause, click and read, brands can consider using bright, humorous yet relevant illustrations that complement the main content. They can also start the preview with the main point of the article in a single sentence, followed by the table of contents. Such a preview can help audiences judge for themselves if the article is relevant to their needs or not.

Similarly, social media marketers can mention well-known sources or authors in the preview to grab users’ attention. Mentioning a bonus inside the content and using FOMO components can further help companies convince users that there is an added value in the post. These offers can be anything from free templates or a list of best blog posts of the year.

Using a quote or citing a statistic from the full-length article can also help organisations make their content previews more engaging. But, marketers must avoid using jargon and complex words in their content previews for social posts. Instead, they should adopt a friendly and conversational tone for all their content previews.

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