Get a holistic view of social media data via analytics tools

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January 25, 2022, 2:00 AM GMT+0

Track metrics like clicks, shares, reach, impressions, views, conversions and more to drive awareness and sales.

Marketers can mine social media data to gain insights into their target audience, uncover their preferences, and assess metrics and demographics, in real-time. Use analytics and listening tools to collect data on brand sentiment, campaign performance, competitors, consumer interests and more.

Leverage analytics tools to get a holistic view of data across social platforms, record the findings in an Excel sheet to compare results, and create a report for stakeholders. Determine brand goals and KPIs to make sense of the data, track the progress and adjust accordingly.

Analysing data particular to each network enables marketers to discover relevant trends, understand the target audience and develop buyer personas. Creating personalised social ads that aren’t too intrusive and comply with privacy regulations is recommended.

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