Personalise abandoned cart emails and include offers to complete purchases

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January 27, 2022, 1:38 AM GMT+0

Engage customers three hours after the cart has been abandoned, with reminders and offers.

People abandon carts for several reasons. While some customers may simply be browsing with no actual intent to buy, others may abandon carts due to website issues, high-price of products or a complicated checkout process. Brands can approach such customers with abandoned cart emails that include details like links to their carts and product reviews.

Abandoned cart emails must be personalised, signed off by a real person and get straight to the point. Such details can help make straightforward offers to the reader and convince them to make purchases.

Similarly, marketers can also add humour to their email content to strike a friendly chord with customers. Marketers can further inform readers about a drop in prices or even discounts and other offers to encourage purchases.

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