Include countdown timers in brand emails to evoke a sense of urgency

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January 28, 2022, 3:48 AM GMT+0

When used sparingly and at the right times, countdown timers in emails can help marketers drive a sense of urgency and encourage subscribers to complete purchases.

A study found that popups with countdown timers convert better than those without countdown timer by around 112.93%. Using delivery-based Countdown timers can help inform shoppers when exactly their purchased item would be delivered. With delivery-based countdowns, the fear of missing out can push customers to make a purchase in order to receive the delivery on a desired date.

Secondly, timers can help prompt customer action around a time-limited offer. Brands can use end-of-sale timers or start-of-sale timers to inform subscribers about exclusive discounts they can register for.

During sales, brands can even use timers to offer more details on the offers and explain which products the discounts apply to. Finally, marketers can use end-of-line stock countdown timers to apply discounts on end-of-line products and push them faster down the sales funnel.  

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