Lead with brand values to improve customers’ loyalty towards the brand

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January 28, 2022, 2:18 AM GMT+0

Brand values are the key principles guiding how a company operates, from sourcing its products to how it treats its employees.

Leading with brand values enables businesses to convert one-off buyers into loyal customers. Similarly, given that 56% of professionals are more likely to stay in a company with a strong commitment to sustainability, brand values can help businesses attract mission-aligned employees too.

Businesses must first determine what impact they want to have on the world and how the company can become a vehicle for change. Questions like these can help businesses brainstorm on brand values and identify what their pain points are. Brands can also look at other brands for inspiring commitments to ethical operations and sustainability.

Once the brand decides on its values, it is important to incorporate them into every aspect of the business. Along with getting employees up to date with the values, businesses must ensure they communicate their values to their customers as well.

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