Most brand and marketing executives only “somewhat” understand the metaverse

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January 28, 2022, 2:48 AM GMT+0

ListenFirst polled 200 brand marketing/analytics executives to learn about their understanding of the metaverse.

49.5% of brand and marketing analytics executives say they “somewhat” understood the metaverse. However, nearly a third of them said they are either unsure or don’t understand the metaverse at all.

Only 18% of executives understand the metaverse and how it will affect their brand. LinkedIn is the “most trusted” platform according to 39.5% of the executives, followed by Meta’s Instagram (14.0%).

44.5% of marketers ranked Meta’s Facebook as the “least trusted” social network. Other least trusted platforms included TikTok (22.0%), and Reddit (12.5%). Instagram was also ranked as the “most important” platform by 40.0% of the participants.

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