Provide immediate discounts to get consumers to opt-in for brand notifications

Tasim Zahid
January 31, 2022, 2:47 PM GMT+0

Over 50% of consumers switch off notifications in smartphones, because they occur too frequently or are irrelevant, according to a study.

Brand apps are critical for consumers to make in-app transactions, receive streamlined experiences, and interact with brands. Consumers who opt in to get notifications do so to receive immediate discounts, and loyalty or reward points.

Companies will do well to offer immediate value to consumers who have signed up for their apps and agreed to receive notifications. Other reasons consumers choose to receive brand notifications include order confirmations and being notified about their product’s shipping status.

Creating apps that enable customers to track orders can help brands get more consumers to agree to receive notifications. Providing access to early sales and discounts can also increase opt-ins for branded notifications.

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