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January 31, 2022, 3:50 PM GMT+0

HubSpot Blog’s Social Media Trends Survey highlights data-backed social media marketing recommendations that marketers should consider in 2022.

Content that brings out a brand’s values was identified as the most popular type of content among social media marketers. This type of content also has the third-highest ROI of any content type. The study suggests content around brand values will continue to grow this year as most marketers who leverage this content type plan to increase or maintain their investment.

According to the surveyed social media marketers, funny content has the highest ROI of any content and is rated as the most effective type of content. Younger audiences like Gen Z and Millennials prefer short-form videos that are funny, trending and reflects brand values – making YouTube, TikTok and Instagram ideal platforms for reaching them. In contrast, older demographics, including Gen X and Baby Boomers, prefer interactive/educational content like podcasts/interviews/expert discussions and live videos.

Influence marketers emphasise the quality and engagement rates and value alignment than the online following. While trying to find target audiences on social platforms, 21% of social marketers are more likely to use social listening, 17% research social platform demographics, 17% research relevant online communities, and 14% analyse their demographic data.

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