Building relationships with tech leaders is key to navigating the post-cookie scape

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February 01, 2022, 4:13 PM GMT+0

In the wake of cookie-tracking becoming obsolete, brands can benefit from second-party data and insights from tech players and publishers.

To access valuable first-party data in the post-cookie era, brands need to build meaningful customer relationships. At the same time, strengthening relationships with tech players and media publishers can help brands access the former’s data insights and explore their second-party data.

As customers have more control over sharing their data, advertisers need to develop new strategies to prospect, collect and aggregate audience data. They should also prioritise first-party data and set up in-house data capturing mechanisms.

In-house data capturing mechanisms can help brands generate data that marketers can use to personalise their messages for existing customers. Similarly, technologies like customer data platforms, consent management software and other Martech solutions can help businesses target buyers effectively while also managing customers’ consent.

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