Associated Press looking to connect directly with readers via newsletters

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February 02, 2022, 5:45 AM GMT+0

The agency is relying on newsletters to diversify its content, reach new audiences, and gather first-party data.

The Associated Press is now focussing on newsletters, not as just another addition to their audience engagement strategy, but as a standalone product. With an existing reader base of one million subscribers, the newsletter aims at diversifying the agency’s content offerings.

For instance, the pandemic saw readers increasingly looking for light-hearted news content. The Associated Press’ newsletter now includes content from categories like Entertainment and Sports, with plans to create category-specific newsletters.

Similarly, reader relationships strengthened through newsletters will enable the agency to collect valuable first-party data and build user profiles. While the Associated Press currently relies on programmatic channels for generating newsletter advertising revenue, the agency plans to sell through direct sales and help brands explore sponsorship opportunities. 

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