Brands must invest in anti-virus tools to avoid compromising data and processes

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February 02, 2022, 3:35 AM GMT+0

Investing in anti-virus could also help brands improve ROI on campaigns by significant margins.

With consumers becoming increasingly tech-savvy, brands must invest in anti-virus tools to positively enhance campaign ROI and audience perception. The need for anti-virus software has become even more critical, with increased AI-powered tools and ad frauds negatively impacting customer perceptions.

AI and machine learning-driven bots have pushed the Ad-fraud problem to new heights. Useless bot traffic negatively influences customer perception about the brand’s data security while compromising data safety. Bot traffic also negatively impacts on processes and campaign ROI by significant margins.

Investing in anti-virus software can help brands convey to customers that the business is taking steps to prevent ad fraud and secure valuable audience data. It can further help brands win consumer trust and uplift their PR value.

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