Customers across age groups value brands that use AI to improve CX

Rajarshi Chatterjee
February 02, 2022, 2:22 AM GMT+0

In addition to a positive CX, consumers expect brands to offer good post-purchase customer service.

A TELUS International survey of 2,000 US consumers has revealed that 93% of baby boomers will make more purchases from a brand, if they get good customer service following their first purchase. This sentiment is echoed among 91% of millennials, 89% of Gen X and 81% of Gen Z customers.

About 60% of baby boomers said AI-powered real time help positively impacts their perception of a brand. As for millennials, 72% of them are more likely to make repeat purchases and 71% are likely to make recommendations, if the brand uses AI to enhance CX.

75% of all customers surveyed are likely to leave a review or post on social media if they have a positive CX. Similarly, 65% of customers across all age groups expect some part of their customer journey to be automated.

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