Leverage authentic celebrity endorsements to drive sales and build trust

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February 02, 2022, 5:48 AM GMT+0

To avoid coming across as scammers, avoid distorting information and making false promises.

While both marketing and scamming use psychological triggers to entice unwary customers, marketers must deliver on their promises to differentiate from scammers. Instead of attempting to exploit customers' inclination to take shortcuts, offer intuitive experiences to enhance user experience.

Train customers on how to use platforms, as well as provide relevant incentives to drive loyalty. As consumers seek a sense of belongingness, use genuine celebrity endorsements to build trust. Make sure the products operate as promised and avoid using famous quotes to get people to click.

With scammers taking advantage of fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) to prompt swift action, brands must ensure their FOMO tactics are factual and accurately convey the offer. While visuals can be a strong tool for communicating a product's potential, guarantee they are realistic and positive.

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