B2B marketers must identify what kind of content helps achieve different goals

Tasim Zahid
February 03, 2022, 4:16 PM GMT+0

Identifying what content resonates with audiences better can help marketers efficiently plan content marketing strategies to target various goals.

When it comes to lead generation, marketers must identify what kind of content assists users in completing a pre-defined goal. Next, they need to analyse whether certain kinds of content resonate more with audiences and further find out why.

As for generating brand awareness, marketers must focus on storytelling through their content and craft a narrative around the brand that humanises it. Irrespective of the content format – from guest blogs to podcasts – content designed to boost brand awareness must establish authenticity.

Similarly, thought leadership content can help brands build credibility. Brands need to mine their data for unique insights and share them with the industry in case studies and bite-sized graphics. 

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