Focus on quality leads and relevant channels to leverage limited marketing budgets

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February 03, 2022, 2:12 PM GMT+0

For small businesses navigating shrinking budgets, prioritising high-quality leads and identifying the most effective channels is crucial.

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face today is tending to a growing number of marketing channels and offering personalised messages while balancing modest budgets. Businesses can handle this complex marketing landscape by prioritising the quality of leads being generated over quantity.

Secondly, marketers need to prioritise channels their target audiences are most active on and, as a result, can give back maximum ROI for the business. For this, marketers must understand their customer journey and identify relevant lead sources.

They should analyse the customer journey, trace its origins, and identify the ones with the highest conversions. This approach can help brands decide how much to allocate resources into search, social, display and other assorted formats.

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