Brands must opt for STAT to analyse, test and feature high-value keywords

Tasim Zahid
February 04, 2022, 12:01 PM GMT+0

STAT is essentially a large-scale rank tracker that helps brands with SERP analysis, determine user intent and make informed SEO decisions.

With STAT, marketers can identify the exact positioning of their brands on SERPs and use that knowledge for a better content strategy. Similarly, brands can use the dynamic tagging feature offered by STAT to group keywords based on specific criteria.

For instance, marketers can add a traffic benchmark to a bunch of keywords to discover keywords with high traffic potential. Brands can also access keyword groups and tags in a single data view using STAT.

Owing to the single data view, marketers can compare all their keyword tags and see how well they are performing. STAT allows brands to see the visibility of a given keyword and which competitors the brand is up against for a particular keyword.

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