CTV projected to become a significant component of TV advertising in 2022

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February 04, 2022, 5:30 PM GMT+0

Streaming is increasingly finding a spot in many British homes, with 20% exclusively streaming TV.

A growing number of British audience is moving away from traditional broadcast TV. Similarly, 69% of audiences watch streamed content with at least one other person. Connected TV providers are already responding to such consumer trends by introducing new shows and channels.

Advertisers need to take a similar approach and sharpen their CTV strategies this year. While frequency-driven and brand awareness campaigns have generally proven effective on traditional TV, CTV platforms offer brands additional investment avenues.

Such avenues will enable advertisers to reach viewers at a time the latter are most receptive. Given that CTV audiences choose content based on their mood at the particular moment, advertisers will be able to connect with audiences at the right time and augment the impact of their messages.

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