Ecommerce brands must incorporate UGC to enhance sales and customer relationships

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February 07, 2022, 10:30 AM GMT+0

Nearly 80% of people say user-generated content impacts their purchasing decision.

With UGC being more authentic than other forms of marketing content, ecommerce brands must leverage it to improve sales. Studies show that user-generated content outperforms other forms of marketing content like promotional emails. In fact, 64% of Gen Z and 60% of Millennials indicated that they did not buy from an ecommerce store because the site did not include customer images or reviews.

Using UGC can help brands humanise their company, help people connect to the brand on a personal level and aid in telling audiences that the products will deliver on their values. UGC is also cost and time effective, with a very high ROI value. Along with improving follower count and click-through rates, UGC can help enhance brand engagement.

Brands should leverage different kinds of UGC like testimonials, reviews, photos and videos to engage buyers effectively. Along with incentivising users, companies can encourage buyers to share content around the brand by placing relevant and effective CTAs in checkout and landing pages. They can also create unique unboxing events, in-store shareable events and brand activations to compel buyers to promote the brand naturally.

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