Use email verification tools to improve delivery rates and remove invalid emails

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February 07, 2022, 7:14 AM GMT+0

Test emails to ensure they render on all devices and don't end up in spam boxes.

Brands looking to increase email ROI and connect with prospects should ensure their emails aren't undermined by unhealthy practices. When it comes to email marketing, have a schedule and commit to it. This helps maintain consistency and prevents emails from being marked as spam.

To build a positive first impression, send welcome emails introducing the brand, include links to resources like ebooks and guide users to the brand's website. Verification services like Xverify help assess the email list, as well as find and remove invalid emails that bounce.

Leverage verifiers to delete contacts who report emails as spam to boost the delivery rate. Delete inactive subscribers every three months, optimise subject lines and craft compelling copies to boost ROI on emails.

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