Use onboarding and abandoned cart emails to offer discounts and boost sales

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February 07, 2022, 1:15 AM GMT+0

Brands can use their targeted email marketing strategies to offer relevant promotions and personalise messages to reflect customer preferences.

Given that onboarding emails experience a higher open rate than other newsletters, brands must use such emails to explain the advantages of their products and encourage first purchases. Marketers can also target those customers who may have abandoned their carts, with follow-up messages, reminders, and product discounts.

Similarly, targeted emails can be used to inform customers about offers like price decreases and the arrival of new goods to boost sales. By doing so, brands can also target different groups of consumers such as face value buyers and customers with the high average order value.

But, brands must ensure they time their target emails so that they reach their customers’ inboxes at a time they are awake and online. To further conversions, businesses should personalise targeted emails based on customer location.

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