Scale positive reviews and testimonials via automation tools

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February 08, 2022, 1:01 PM GMT+0

Build a use-case page with testimonials to show the product use-cases to prospects.

Gathering social proof like positive reviews and testimonials can help brands attract prospective customers and drive them down the sales funnel. Refer to reviews and testimonials as “success stories” in brand marketing campaigns to impact the brand’s perception among prospects and drive conversions.

Request testimonials from customers or clients soon after they purchase and get their consent to share them on social media. This helps illustrate actual people talking about their brand experiences to prospects. To scale success stories, keep the request for testimonials as brief as possible. Use automation tools to gather testimonials.

In success stories, demonstrate care for customers and publish a user-generated content gallery full of positive testimonials across social media. Feature positive reviews in press releases and emails to showcase the product’s effectiveness.

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