This is how brands can explain their stand without aggravating people

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February 09, 2022, 3:01 AM GMT+0

Organisations should channel their brand’s emotions or sentiments towards the issue at large and not focus on individuals.

Brands can choose to show their support for a specific cause through different methods. Some might want a subtle approach like funding a charity, while others prefer to be more vocal and use their voice to amplify a cause. Others, in the meantime, may opt for a middle route, where they comment on an issue only if it becomes of significant public interest.

But, brands must ensure they do not engage with inflammatory, abusive or spam-like comments after taking a stand, especially on social platforms. Similarly, the brand’s stand on social issues should help audiences understand what the business stands for instead of focusing on what it is opposing.

Businesses must use professional language and be fair even if they cannot maintain a neutral stand. Finally, brands must identify who will represent and speak for the company in case of blowback. By doing so, businesses can convince readers about the brand’s argument instead of aggravating the problem.

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