Consumers prefer feeling valued and understood over discounts and loyalty perks

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February 10, 2022, 5:58 PM GMT+0

A Redpoint Global survey of US adults, conducted by Dynata, highlights trends in brand loyalty and implications around customer experience management.

Around 65% of consumers said that they love fewer than three brands. Survey respondents indicated that personalisation was the key to their brand connection. 74% of customers also believe that brand loyalty is about feeling understood and valued and not about discounts and loyalty perks.

64% of consumers said they would purchase a product from a brand that knows them. Nearly half of customers also said they were more likely to consider purchasing from a brand that does effective personalisation. Additionally, 32% of customers are also willing to overlook a single bad customer experience if they feel the company is trying to understand them as a customer.

Though offering quality products and services are essential, brands should pay more importance to understand customers. According to 52% of customers, brands can make individual consumers feel understood by offering relevant product and service recommendations.

Around 44% of customers said brands should make navigating in-store and online stores easier. 41% also said they feel understood through the frequency of brand interactions – sharing relevant information on a semi-regular basis.

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