Invest in sonic branding to boost consumer recall and reinforce the brand sentiment

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February 10, 2022, 5:26 PM GMT+0

A study found that audiences react to new sounds up to ten times faster than they would react to a visual stimulus.

An Ipsos study found that sonic brand cues were 8.53 times more powerful than visual brand assets, in terms of performance. These numbers indicate that investing in sonic branding and creating a distinctive sound can help companies create a positive impact among their target audiences.

With the rising number of voice-based channels along with the increased digitisation of touchpoints, brands should pay more importance to sonic brands when using social channels. Creating a unique audio logo can help brands stand out and effectively connect with audiences across various touchpoints. Using the brand’s audio logo in adverts can further help companies boost consumer recall and reinforce brand sentiment.

Brands can also re-record their soundtracks to better reflect their brand belief, resonate with local culture or suit a new storyline. But brands must make sure they have a clear brand belief and authentic purpose that is reflected across their branding elements.

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