Publishers must consider audience preferences while designing mobile app strategies

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February 10, 2022, 1:39 AM GMT+0

While some publishers like NRC have created niche, single-purpose apps, others like The Telegraph have opted for a unified app strategy.

Publishers need to determine whether they want to focus on a single news app, or branch out into multiple apps, tending to different audience groups. For instance, some publishers maintain multiple apps to offer different price models.

Moreover, some publishers even offer niche and vertical apps on topics like weight-loss, to overlap with and complement their news app subscribers. While designing the mobile app strategy, publishers must consider different pricing models. Publishers should also keep in mind that they can charge a higher price from those consumers who are ready to pay a premium for premium content.

Similarly, publishers must realise that news websites continue to be a key subscription driver. By asking readers to subscribe via their official websites, publishers can even access valuable customer data. Such data can then be leveraged to better understand customer needs and provide relevant content.

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