Conduct product research with clear goals and unbiased questions

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February 11, 2022, 1:06 AM GMT+0

Target product research surveys to a representative of the target audience to glean quality data from the right participants.

While soliciting feedback from the target demographic can help in product research, brands must be aware of pitfalls that can sabotage the results. Combining the intelligence of research technology platforms and data can help product managers collect high-quality feedback to inform vital decisions.

To offset the cost of course corrections, follow-ups, and mistakes, use research technology platforms with iterative research capabilities. Ensure the surveys have no more than 10 questions, no more than two open-ended questions, and less exhaustive questions to avoid fatiguing customers.

To get quality responses from the research, eliminate any biased questions, have one learning objective for each survey, and set clear goals. Run follow-up surveys to clarify results that lean towards biases and desired outcomes to avoid data misinterpretation.

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