Create brand names that reflect a company's values

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February 15, 2022, 11:16 AM GMT+0

Implementing a naming strategy can help brands create a memorable name that drives brand awareness.

Picking intriguing and easy-to-remember brand names can help businesses boost brand awareness and enhance marketing and sales efforts. Consider characteristics such as the company's goal, mission, and values, as well as originality and personality while creating a brand name.

Brand names can either be descriptive like The Weather Channel, or expressive and inventive like Uber, or a combination of two words to create a new one. To avoid a bad PR rep and a negative impact on awareness, develop a naming strategy with limitations and standards.

It is recommended to create a brand logo that is aligned with the brand name to leave a lasting impact on customers and connect with them. Businesses should integrate the naming process with their brand positioning approach.

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