Brands should avoid overtly promoting themselves on Instagram

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February 16, 2022, 1:14 AM GMT+0

Instead of explicit promotions marketers should create content that educates and informs audiences.

The first step to building an effective Instagram strategy is knowing the target audience inside out. Marketers should write down answers to a variety of questions, from what customers do for a living to how old their children are.

Leveraging such insights can help brands craft content tailored specifically for customers. It can help make the content relatable, personalised and engaging. While creating content for Instagram, brands should also keep in mind their content should go beyond driving sales as an end goal and aspire to offer value to audiences. Only 20% of the brand content should explicitly promote the business while the rest should educate, inform and empower users.

Along with brand content, user-generated content can help brands build trust among potential customers. To further engagement, brands should encourage customers to ask questions and participate in surveys or polls on Instagram.

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